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So I want to sell bunch of anime merchandise, doujinshi and magazines. Mostly are in new condition.

Here is my list

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1. Clear file A4 size ($9 each, ALL NEW)

- Kimi to Boku
- Uta no Prince-sama
- Free!

Here is front side

and this is back side

2. Clear file B5 size (each $5, ALL NEW)

- Kise Ryouta from Kuroko no Basketball
- Denpa Onna Seishun Otoko
- Alice Reloaded
- Break Blade

3. Diabolik Lovers More Blood Color Collection ($8 each, ALL NEW)

- Sakamaki Ayato
- Sakamaki Kanato
- Sakamaki Raito
- Sakamaki Shuu
- Mukami Ruki
- Mukami Kou
- Mukami Yuuma
- Mukami Azusa (2pcs)

4. Brother Conflict Rubber Strap Collection ($9 each, ALL NEW)

- Asahina Hikaru
- Asahina Ukyou
- Asahina Wataru
- Juli

5. Shingeki no Kyoujin Rubber Strap and Earjack ($9 each, ALL NEW)

- Rubber strap Sasha (Kotobukiya)
- Rubber strap Christa (Kotobukiya)
- Rubber Strap Childhood friends Eren-Mikasa-Armin (Kotobukiya)
- Earjack phone Armin

+ Ship overseas, shipment will be send from Indonesia
+ Payment using paypal and bank transfer for local buyer
+ Total price including ems fee and paypal fee
+ PM me if you're interested

17 April 2012 @ 11:08 am

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